Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week 35 - April 4, 2016

From: Jordan Mark Merrill []
Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2016 9:33 PM
To: Lauri Merrill <>
Subject: Re:

Hello po lahat:) Sounds like Dad is really sick so send him my love and I’ll be praying for him. And with your new job, all I can say is try to make the best of it ha-ha. So I still haven’t figured out my camera card problems and I’m still trying to find the solution. Maybe I’ll just buy a new one. But anyway I’m still taking a lot of pictures so maybe, one day I’ll send them ha-ha. So really nothing has happened this week that seems worth writing about. We had a sister in our branch report to the MTC this week so we threw her a big farewell party and destroyed her with flour. It was a good time and I’m proud of her :) Also I had my first exchanges as the DL in our area. It’s the leader’s job to be comps with the junior or the trainee and I had the opportunity to be with another American only 3 weeks here so of course he could speak little to no Tagalog. But then again there’s me and I can barely speak, ha-ha.  But that’s when I realized if I truly listen hard I can understand what they say.  So the exchanges were a good learning experience and we have another tomorrow, then next week, so that should be good. Um, our work is still slow and I kind of got a little down on myself the other day when I realize I’ve only had 1 baptism and I’m already 1/3 the way done with my mission. It was tough.  But now I’m ok :) I’ve heard the news from multiple people that I will become a Zone Leader after this transfer which I really don’t want now, I mean sure, but I like being the DL and I like my area so much. I’m also starting a diet today and we'll see how long it lasts ha-ha. Its weird to think to eat a meal without rice now. I don’t know how I’ll come home and survive without my rice ha-ha.  So that’s about it for now. Sorry my letters are boring sometimes, I think a part of me that says write it fast is the fact that the computer shop is 9 million degrees and we only have 1 hour so sorry again. But I know the church is true of course! :) love ya
**Elder Merrill**

This is the sister that left. Her mission is Laog.
This picture and the three below are from Sister Garcia.  Her dog had puppies and the fattest one of the liter was named Merrill-taba (mataba means fat or chubby).

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