Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 28 - February 15, 2016

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <>
Date: Sunday, February 14, 2016
To: Mommy <>

Hello:) So we just got back from Legazpi and we did get to hear from President Russell M. Nelson. We arrived a little late but not too late where it started already, just later than planned. So we walk in to the yard of the church and see all the Legazpi mission standing and talking and having a good time, and I guess we missed the mission picture:( but that’s ok. In my head I didn’t think that President Nelson was there yet but then I saw all the missionaries start to go into the church. So I joined the crowd to make my way in too. Then as I turn the corner BAM he’s right there with his hand ready to shake mine. He looks at me and says Good Morning Elder Merrill. I shake his hand and it was a crazy good feeling. It’s honestly so true how much power he has and how much power they all have!! Then I moved on and sat down. The program went on and then we finally heard from him. He was so different then how he acts at conference (of course) but he made jokes, laughed, did some other stuff too. I don’t think he really prepared a talk because he just kind of talked to us about all sorts of interesting things. One thing that I really liked that he said was "the ones who are chosen of god are the ones who choose god". Astig siya talaga:) So that was my highlight. Other than that, my valentine’s day seemed like any other normal day. We went to church and did all our normal missionary things. Except we got a lot of cards from the ward which was nice:) My apartment is still really hard to live in. Like I said last week, it’s kind of famous for being the haunted apartment that sucks to live in. Example, earlier today I had missionaries come up to me that I don’t even know and ask me what the apartment is like and if I’ve seen the ghost yet. Ha-ha... not yet!!!! And I don’t plan on seeing one!!!! And if we do I will cast him out to the bitter darkness with the power of god in which I hold;) It’s still hot as ever. But I think it was Friday morning, it was the coldest I’ve ever felt here. And it was actually cold! In the morning as I showered there was steam from my body then I had to wrap up in a blanket to study and I made hot chocolate:) it was actually nice to be cold. I miss it to be honest. SO don’t take cold weather for granted. You never know how nice it is until you haven’t been cold for over half a year. My comp is doing really well, were in the 4th week of his training and every day we both learn. My Tagalog is still doing good and his English is so funny to hear:D President G goes home in the next few months and it will be sad:( Also Sister G is having a hard time, she’s having a lot of deaths and trails in her life right now. So pray for her. So for me, I’m doing well:) time is flying by waaay to fast and before I know it I’ll be 20 years old. Grabe haha. I know this is where I’m supposed to be and I love it:) the church is true Love ya!!
**Elder Merrill**

Kawa Kawa

spicy ice cream:) it was actually really good

I ate alligator the other day:) its just a normal food for them!

My washing machine, and dishwasher:)

My bathroom and shower:)

Dear Elders & Sisters,
                 Huwag tumawa. Kung sino man ang wala sa litrato, mangyari lamang pong ipaalam sa akin upang mai-edit namin. Maraming salamat po.
Kind regards,
Elder Dalit
Mission and Travel Secretary
Philippines Legazpi Mission

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