Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 33 - March 21, 2016

From: Jordan Mark Merrill []
Sent: Monday, March 21, 2016 2:21 AM
To: Lauri Merrill <>

Hello :) well sorry I’m sending this so late. It’s because I planned for my district to have an activity in my area. They all came and we went on a really fun hike :) We have 10 other missionaries in my district and I’ll send pictures later. BUT like I said last week it’s becoming summer here too so of course it’s blazing. So on our hike I got a bad sunburn on my face and neck and legs and I’m siting here in this blazing hot computer cafe and to be honest I don’t want to do a lot of typing. I kind of just want to read all and get out ha-ha. But I’ll answer your Q. So our investigator in the mountain told us she’s done having the discussions because her dad said no. But the good news is we found a more interested one up even higher :) She’s actually really wanting to be baptized so were working with her now. It’s sad for the other though. :( Yes I received my valentine’s package and let me tell you, golly it was a life saver. I’ve never been craving American food/chocolate in my whole life. It was the best thing I’ve ever eaten :) But the sad part was the big kiss melted in the corner. :( So some of the letters on hearts were covered in chocolate but don’t worry they didn’t get ruined and we put the box in the fridge and got the melted hard then ate it so no waste :)  The Kawa Kawa pics look weird to me too, I look and say did we really jump that high?? ha-ha but the one from nay Garcia we really did jump pretty dang high ha. My health is never been better! Besides the rice gut I have. I’ve noticed when I don’t eat rice it starts to go down but then a member decides to feed us an amazing meal with basically unlimited rice and I can’t resist but to let myself go ha-ha sucks!!:) But ya like I said earlier, I really want to get out of this computer oven so I’ll end my email now. I’ll send pictures after this and next week I’ll write more detail of my time :) Love ya!!
**Elder Merrill**

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