Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 32 - March 14, 2016

From: Jordan Mark Merrill []
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2016 12:05 AM
To: Lauri Merrill <>

​Hello mother dear :) Yes I found out earlier that you are sick... again. What’s new? ;) But of course you’re still in my prayers. So ya were just getting back from Kawa Kawa and it was a lot better this time :) The sun was out, nice fresh air, but the one down side, HOT. As it starts to become summer for you there in America, it’s also starting to become summer here. And it already being hot in winter, just imagine the heat in the summer... :( But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. So it’s been one week since I was called a district leader and it’s all going really well :) I’m trying to be a fun district leader and not just one that goes through the motions. So we'll see how it goes. One little story I got; I think 4 days ago one morning I woke up and walked to our kitchen as usual but as I went through the door way I heard a hissing so I thought it was an angry grog or a cat but when I look down it was a freaking cobra!!! When I saw it, it slithered to a corner then perched its head up ready to kill me dead. So of course the first thing I do... Take a picture of it :):) (I’ll send it mamaya) Then we did the smart thing and decided to slay the beast. We got a rock about the size of a football then tied it to a long stick then smote the beast to the earth (I’ll send a picture of the smitten beast mamaya). So were pretty cool I know. Then we took the body I took some trophy pictures. Then later that day we came back home and it was gone. The dogs hated it so we know they wouldn’t touch it so we don’t know... ha-ha.  And that’s about it for my week. Like you I don’t have a lot to say :) Um ya so the church is true!! And I love my mission :) Stay safe and healthy back home! 
**Elder Merrill**

Garcia family photo:) (minus Tay)
All of the pictures with the B612 are from Sister Garcia with her family, Elder Merrill and Elder Caranza at Kawa Kawa.

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