Friday, May 20, 2016

Week 41 - May 16, 2016

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <>
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2016 1:40 AM
To: Lauri Merrill

Hello hello hello!  My week has had a little excitement and I have a little story.  So we were on exchanges with the ZL's and I was with an elder that goes home pretty soon and we were tracking and tracking all day.  Then finally when the night was coming to an end we went to this family that the father is a member but his wife isn't.   From what my comp told me, she's been an investigator for like over a year, she's basically a member because she pays tithing, reads, and prays.  The missionaries there have always tried to get her baptized but she won't commit.  So we went just as usual and continued to share about family and how marriage through the church and getting sealed will let you be together forever.  I was teaching then she stopped me and started talking about baptism.  She said, "Elder, I prayed and received an answer, I'm ready to be baptized".  My comp started crying with joy for her, then her husband started crying, then I was sitting there like uhhhh.  I mean I'm not too close to them and I was happy for them but not enough to cry.   But the spirit was crazy strong and it really was a true conversion and I'm happy to say I was there when she decided :) Of course it wasn't in our area... :/ but that's ok!  All are children of God.  Then we ate at a rich person's house :) good way to end the night!  So that's my story for this week, not much else to say though.  So far we haven't had water for about 2 months and I've learned how to survive like a Filipino :) I truly am grateful for all the blessings we have back at home and I'm pretty sure, at least 300%, I will be humbled when I return.  Sounds like the fam isn't taking it (Taylor's surgeries not working) so well right now.  But that's the power of ang plano ng kaligtasan (plan of salvation), every imperfection we have here in our mortal life will be perfected in our next life, not even one hair of our head will be lost so that's why I'm grateful for this gospel.  So love you all!! Make sure you keep your eyes safe ;) bye bye!

Took Elder Witehira to Kawa Kawa.
This is the river. :)
This little girl is my absolute fav:)
Nanay Garcia on Mother's Day:)
This is how they peel the inside of the coconut.
I've officially stopped using a fork. Yes, it's normal here. :)
He's waiting for his mission call.  He's a freakin' stud!
I thought this was funny! It's a tree but they hung their cloths on it (underwear etc) and I thought it could be a ghetto Christmas tree:)
We had a little fun during our p-day.


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