Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 42 - May 23, 3016

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <>
Sent: Monday, May 23, 2016 1:23 AM
To: Lauri Merrill

Well another eventful week has gone by here in Tula x2. I'll just start off with 2 little experiences I had recently this week. So we just got done with an interview for another comps investigator and we got on a tricy and I got the lucky spot on the back of the actual motor where there is a standing space (sitting space is for the girls) and it makes me the highest to see over the whole view. We were just about to cross a small highway and we were going fairly fast when all of a sudden another single driver driving a motorcycle pulled out in front of us.  Our tricy driver didn't care to slow down for him so when the motorcycle saw we wouldn't slow down he tried to get over on the other side to the right of us.  Then I think he whisky throttled it and lost control of his speed. All of the sudden he was aiming straight for a parked dump truck then BAM! He basically splatted against the back (not literal splat, but it looked like it) the front half of his motorcycle basically exploded into pieces and his body flew into the back of the truck and his head like bounced off the metal. The sound he made, I'll never get out of my head, it was like a one second scream/grunt/no air in lungs anymore type of sound. During this time, we were still driving so as his body fell to the ground the back wheel was still running and it was peeling out on the ground while he was still under it.  That was when we drove out of view.  I look back and everyone just stares at it, and it was a pretty crowded place, then I only saw one person go to help him. We had 4 on the tricy and we all just look at each other and nobody said a word, like it was silent. The tricy driver had not one care in the world and he just went on his way. Soooo that's one, sorry it was a little detailed but ya. The next one happened yesterday, we just got done with all our appointments and I was with two young women and one young man, we had splits during that time so my comp was in another part of our area. We were walking next to a smaller highway and it is kind of busy but not really. Then I see a dog in the corner, next to a wall.  I tried to make it jump so I flinched at it and it got scared and ran into the road.  At that exact moment a motorcycle basically destroyed the dog. The motorcycle was freaking fast so when it hit the dog it was head first and the dog made a similar sound as the man but in a dog way and he rolled about 12345 miles until it stopped and just laid there.  After a few moments it got up and limped to some bushes. It all happened in like .2 seconds so we were like what the heck... then they all gave me a hard time for killing a dog. So there are my highlights of the week. :) The work is decent, still slow but very fun and worthwhile. I'm on a steady diet of eating 6 chicken blood cubes every night before we go home. When the vendors see me they yell "Dugo!" and I say, you know it;) So far that's my favorite street food here in the Pines. Transfer day is next week and from what we hear, me and my comp will stay. I'm going on 2 1/2 months with no water (plumbing). Even if I drink about 9,000 gallons of water before we work I still basically die of thirst. Oh PS, I have athletes foot on both feet. I was supposed to go to Legazpi today to get it fixed but I was too lazy and I said we'll go another time. Maybe if I do the myth and pee on my feet it will help, or I'll just go to the voodoo doctors here:) So that basically sums up my week:) Love ya'll! Don't forget to read your scriptures, say your prayers, and magsisi kayo!! Bye:)
**Elder Merrill**

Bro Payte, or aka Elder Payte got his call to the Philippines San Pablo mission. He reports August 5th just like me:)
I made them dinner:)
Ligao Zone

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