Saturday, October 22, 2016

Week 53 - August 8, 2016

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <>  
Sent: Monday, August 8, 2016 12:04 AM  
To: Lauri Merrill

Yo less than 1 year left!!!!!!:) But who’s counting? ;) So for my 1 year mark I didn’t really do anything, in fact nothing at all ha-ha #yoso. But not a lot happened this week as far as any stories, at least I can’t think of them at the moment? So expect it to be short. But a really cool thing that happened with our work is that we decided that we can do better with our branch attendance so we worked pretty hard on trying to get our numbers up and for some time I’ve been here it’s been an average of 50-60 but this week we saw 88 show up!!!! Heck ya right?! Fruits of our labors tasted pretty good this week, it really does show hard work pays off. Lots off less actives came back and we even had 2 investigators:) OH! Ya, I remembered that we had a baptism this week! Well he turned 8 so... but I still got to baptize him. He’s a little boy to a family of members. His mom and sister are members but his dad isn’t. His sister is an RM and she’s way cool. But he was so excited to get dunked he just put his baptismal suit right over his cloths he wore there. The water for the font came from a hose outside so it was freezing! When he got in it it was waste high, but wasn’t bad for me. So I did all I needed to do then when I dunked him he came up with a huge gasp from how cold it was and we all just laughed. After that it was just fun to talk with everyone. So that was fun. Um so ya I don’t think I got much new news to say. Elder Witehira goes home in less than 2 weeks so it’s pretty hard to focus when all we talk about is good old Utah things:) He’s like, oh don’t worry, I’ll send you pictures;} Its cool though! Well love you all and hope you’re still reading your scriptures and praying. Always remember my invitation to you "Magsisi kayo!" 

**Elder Merrill**
He was so excited he put his suit over his church cloths:)

This is his sister.
We call ourselves the "Vegas Boys" cause these 2 want to devote their life to going to Vegas:) We told them when were all home from our missions we will fly them here and visit.
We sent off one of my best buds in my area to his mission. I know hes gonna kill it:)

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