Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 38 - April 25, 2016

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <merrill.j@myldsmail.net>
Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2016 11:22 PM
To: Lauri Merrill

Like your letter, mine will also be short this week, as like you again, not much has happened. Maybe I’ll start by answering your questions 1. No, we still do not have water, it’s been almost 4 weeks. President G knows about it, the assistances know and the supply missionaries know too. It’s just we can’t afford to pull out the missionaries here and we also can’t afford to pay for a new water well/pump. So were just surviving:) Usually every day we get some buckets and make about 4 trips to fill our big bucket, then to wash, but now we’ve just resorted to walking to the river and showering there which BTW is warm water. It’s amazing. But even now I feel like I prefer cold showers?  Maybe the heat has gotten to my head and switched up my mind. 2.My new companion is a G. He’s been here 21 months. He’s from Utah and he speaks fluent Tagalog and he’s studying Bicol deeper. The other new missionaries in my district are alright. Not much to say about them ha. 3. I have not scrubbed the CR (bathroom) it will just get dirty again and its only dirt from our shoes that’s the only dirty part. The toilet is clean and the walls, so no biggy. For my birthday I’ve thought of some small things but I’ll send the list later tonight from Sister Garcia. Like usual, its hotter than Satan’s sauna here. I’m constantly thirsty despite how much water I drink.  I go to bed sweating and wake up sweating. But the Philippines is amazing of course:) I LOVE the people. I LOVE the food. I LOVE the missionary work. Everyday I grow in the gospel and I’m becoming the man my future wife will want me to be ;) (maybe she won’t want my rice gut) :) But the work here truly has changed my life. I started a 1 month BOM reading challenge (not doing so well) and I also have another BOM bookmark where I’m studying more in depth everything. I’ve been reading in depth for a week now and I’m only 4 chapters in. Actually studying hard and focusing really helps increase your knowledge, so if you haven’t or are currently just "reading to read" I encourage you to slow down and study what the writers are trying to say. Nephi is a stud, his dads a G, his brothers are basically losers but every writer has a story that can help you in some different way. Whew, ha-ha I said it would be short but I got a little carried away;) so I’ll end it now. Love ya all! Say your prayers and magsisi kayo!! Ha-ha :D
**Elder Merrill**
A cat here that reminds me of Fatboy. :)
New chapel being built in our area.
The APs right and left of me, my companion Elder Witehira far left.

Spider fighting at Garcia's.

Aswong (witch creature)
This girl took 55 selfies on my camera.

These are some bamboo toys kids play with here.

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