Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 45 - June 13, 2016

From: Jordan Mark Merrill []
Sent: Monday, June 13, 2016 2:41 AM
To: Lauri Merrill <>

Another week comes and goes with me visiting the hospital 3 times and being bed ridden for 3 days :) So I guess I’ll explain little, so last week I think on Friday I told you I was throwing up a bit with some bad stomach issues. Well around Sunday it went away so I was happy then a normal Monday came and past then Tuesday is when I woke up sooo thirsty and I was still pretty tired while getting a drink but I didn’t really realize what was up with my body. Then I get up the next day and my stomach is just killing me to death, yes I had way bad diarrhea all day and I had no appetite to eat. So we stayed home thinking it will go away and the next day it slowed down but Elder Witehira was feeling it too so he wanted a doctor checkup so we went to Ligao and got him a checkup, they said they found nothing so I assumed what he has I have so I decided not to get a checkup and just eat healthy.  Then the next day came and it was even worse, I couldn’t eat anything because if I ate I would get sick but since I wasn’t eating I was starving so my stomach hurt also, oh I forgot to add, I woke up and my eyes were like 4% working. They were so hard to keep open and use so it was hard to walk. I told my comp give it one more day, maybe I’ll get better. So I suffered another day. The next day didn’t get better it was all the same. So I said heck lets go to the doctor so we went and got tested and they found nothing so I texted Sister Guanzon and she said go to Legazpi so we went to the doctor there and they said nothing so that’s been my week. I basically just made a really long week short so you can understand it but it was probably now at my #1 worst times/feelings so far in the mission. Not fun at all. So now this Monday I’m still feeling the side effects of it but it’s nothing like it was. I bought some good veggies and juices so I’m trying to get healthy again but I really did lose a lot of weight. Everyone was telling me I’m finally skinny ha. My eye bags were dark as heck and I couldn’t keep my eyes open, ya it wasn’t fun. I hope it doesn’t happen again. Um so because that happened I don’t have much else to say. We didn’t work this week at all. no stories, I didn’t update my journal once so I got a lot of catching up to do, and I’m going to need to buy a lot of bleach cause garments won’t clean well without it..;) This week shall for sure be a better one. Don’t mean to scare any of you :) I’m doing just fine and I won’t die so don’t worry its all part of the Philippines Legazpi mission :) It’s a good story if anything. So love ya all, stay safe and don’t drink bad water... ;) (Hint hint) bye!
**Elder Merrill**
That sign was in the hospital above the toilet and it basically means, in understandable English, don't get the floor dirty.

we wanted to be Adam.. but no Eve..

Us 3 are batch:)

We had the wonderful opportunity to visit Legazpi and we found this place so of course we spoiled ourselves :)

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