Saturday, February 18, 2017

Week 77 - January 23, 2017

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <>
Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2017 9:30 PM
To: Lauri Merrill
Subject: 1st fruits of Repentance is Baptism:)

Hey:) Sorry I didn’t email last week, I got my Christmas call and then had little to nothing to write.  Not this week, thankfully I have some good news! This past Saturday we were able to see Brother Ramil enter the waters of baptism and I was able to see my 2nd baptism of my mission. Hurray!! It really is a good feeling to complete a husband and wife as members of the true church. Yesterday we confirmed him a member and gave him the Holy Ghost then after sacrament he was given the priesthood. Good times. :) So this week we worked to the point of amputation, literally. Not sure if I mentioned it in my last letter but I went to a place where they cut hair and clean feet. I think it’s called a salon? Anyway, at the time I loved it, they were nice to me and made my feet nice and clean.  Well the next day my toe hurt just a little and then the following days until now, I’m confirming its infected ha-ha! The constant rain fall, every day, all week doesn’t help.  My feet are constantly wet. I’ve been trying to clean it hopefully stopping the swelling but I’ve given up and later today I’m going to the doctor or some witch doctor place to get it better. Ya its hurts like Satan’s kingdom! And it’s just a small thing? People tell me it’s an ingrown toenail but I know it’s not, I’ve checked. So because of the new walking I’ve been doing to avoid pressure on the toe, I’ve gotten a deep blister right next to my toe... so now anyway I walk it hurts and like I’ve said I am almost to the point of just cutting off my foot. But it’s all good. :) This week we had 28 lessons!!! My record here in Malilipot. :) So I can see Satan is mad at us for working hard. Lots of members were able to work with us in tracting and trying to bring back some long time less actives. We have a goal for this family that has some problems to bring them back to church. Members have told us there is no hope in them, and that just gives us all the more motivation! The low pressure area we’ve been in this month has given us all the rain in the world so maybe this coming February, the skies will be clearer. I haven’t seen the Mayon in almost a month. :( But I think that’s all I got this week. :) Just keep praying and reading the scriptures and god will see your effort. Love you all:) 
**Elder Merrill**

First time eating what I call "Invisible Soup".
This is a river that wasn't there before and now we lost a path that cut our walking in half the time. :(

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