Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 84 - March 13, 2017

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <>
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2017 8:17 PM
To: Lauri Merrill

Slowly but surely I’m accepting that these are my last days here in Malilipot. I think I made it clear last week that I’m pretty sure I’m going to transfer this next week, so I’m kind of saying goodbye to the members.  Then again there have been times in my mission where I have felt that I’m going to transfer, and start telling people that I am going, then I end up staying and I just feel dumb.  So this time I’m making it a little less obvious. We’re going to find out this Saturday or "Judgement Day". 
So lately in my personal study I’ve been reading the Old Testament. I started in 2015 then got bored with all the laws and stuff like that, but I realized that if you get past that part its gets pretty cool.  So this month I’ve been studying it pretty deep to know the history of the church. So far I’m in 1 Samuel. I’ve read about Ruth and her story, realized she’s like the great, great, etc. grandmother of King David which I haven’t got to yet. Also about Samson and his Goldie-locks how it gave him strength from being a Nasserite then I thought about back when I had long hair and how mangy I was ha-ha! But the Old Testament really is a cool book if you get into it. 
As of our work here, we had a feeling that we should stop visiting investigators who really don’t care about us much at all.  As missionaries of course, we need to always bug them, but for about a week we stopped visiting them.  Then we visited again and they are like, aww we miss you guys why aren’t you visiting?! So then were like ha-ha, you really do need us. ;) So that’s nice when you feel wanted. 
A cool experience we had this week was one night we were waiting to catch a jeepny back home after our days’ work and it was late and nothing was coming.  We were saying, what are the odds of a car stopping? Then like right after that a car stopped ahead of the road and we just looked at it. Then a man got out and asked us if we needed a ride, so of course we were like heck ya. When we got in he started speaking English to me.  He asked me where I was from and I said Brigham City.  Then he was like no way, do you know any Taylors? So I told him our bishop was a Taylor and his son is on his mission now. Then he said that he served in Texas with Elder Brooks Taylor. I was like duuuude were connected ha-ha. We snapped a couple pictures and went on our way. It’s cool how small the world is and the things that happen just like that. I think that’s my second time in the mission I was offered a ride, and the last time it wasn’t even a member. 
So that’s seems to be it for me. :) Just enjoying the weather and my last months in the mission! Love you all:)
**Elder Merrill**
This is an RM who served in Texas and became comps with Brooks Taylor. Cool huh?

Just a little laugh for the day:) Maybe one day you'll understand but just letting you know that it is funny :)

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