Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week 89 - April 17, 2017

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <>
Sent: Sunday, April 16, 2017 9:49 PM
To: Lauri Merrill
Subject: "Holy week..."

Well the great week of Easter has come and gone. We seem to celebrate it a little differently than decorating, hiding, and finding eggs. On Monday last week, there was a small gathering where the people walk around in a big circle around the city with floats about Jesus' life until his Resurrection. But that was just a warm up for Wednesday’s parade thing, where more people gathered and had more floats. Well, that was the warm up for the final Friday night where this time, I’d say thousands of people got together and walked around the city holding candles, dressed as saints, and basically walking their sins away. The coolest part about it was they were all bare foot! The old people, pregnant, little kids, everyone, I guess it symbolizes the sacrifice Jesus did for us. A lot of them were dressed in robes and dressed as angels which was pretty cool. We watched for about an hour cause the streets were literally packed and our work was at a stop. Despite all the traditions, it was actually a spiritual experience and a big reminder about Jesus Christ. They also don't eat pig for one week, which for that reason I’m not sure?
But anyway, as for our work, we seem to be seeing some big miracles happening in the lives our investigators. We have one that has almost zero knowledge about the gospel and she’s getting it down really well so far and is always reading. Another 4 are all related in the same compound but have different houses and when we go to visit the nanay (investigator) she’s so excited that she will go out herself and gather all her kids and grandkids to listen to us. She’s not even a member but so far from what we've taught, she gets it down well. One of her kids and her wife told us they would like to be baptized so that their kids can serve missions just like us. But they still have a lot to learn. Another one that’s seems to be doing well, up until about last week where when we invited her to be baptized, she accepted it without doubt.  Now she always seems to be "busy" when unlike the past, she had nothing but free time. But it’s all good. 
My comp can almost count on 2 hands how many days he has left but I’m making sure we keep up the hard work! Oh and I found my future wife, she’s only 5 now but if I wait about 20 years then it can happen...;) 
Well, that seems to sum up my week! It’s hot, definitely summer, and it’s a battle of the body and heat right now in the city. 
Love ya'll :) 
**Elder Merrill**

How are the girls doing with their extra activities? 
Oh, maybe I should answer your Q’s. My toe seems to be doing well. It’s in recovery mode after my countless cleanings and self-surgeries. I’m just waiting for it to get back to normal length. And thank you for getting all my classes set up. I’m lucky cause when I get home all I have to do is show up. :) 
What else am I missing? Oh about the $. Ya, I ran short this month due to medical reasons (not my own). I had to lend, but Sister Kotter will reimburse it this week. Since I’m coming to an end soon, and HOPING this is my last area because I HATE traveling I want to start looking for some cool things to bring home and since I’m in the city there are a lot of cool things here. 
These 3 are our most progressing investigators.  (3 photos)
Waiting for the fruit :)
New hair :)

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