Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 91 - May 1, 2017

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <merrill.j@myldsmail.net>
Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2017 9:52 PM
To: Lauri Merrill

Hello Hello:) Sorry I didn’t email last week, we got busy and I just felt a little lazy so... But as for this week, we still seem to be doing well with the heat! Ya, it’s a type of go to bed sweating wake up sweating type of deal. But it’s all good! My comp now is counting his hours in the mission and I’m just waiting to find out who my new comp is. I’m training a new missionary fresh from the MTC. :) So hopefully this spiritual giant can do us a little good. I’m not exactly sure my plans because my comp leaves in a couple hours and the newbies don’t come until Wednesday. So as for our work, were doing great with helping our progressing investigators attend church, read the BoM and pray. We had this one time 2 weeks ago where we were shopping in the market and this girl smiled at me, so out of manly instinct I approached her hoping to have a successful OYM (Open Your Mouth) moment. When we started talking it was super-hot and crowded but we got her interest in our message and up until now, she wants to serve a mission and be baptized! Sometimes I think that in our lives before we came to earth we knew a lot of people and they made a promise to us that when we’re on earth and they "smile" at us as missionaries it really means "I’m ready to accept the gospel, come talk to me!!" And sometimes when that cute girl smiles at you, you’re like "Well I’m definitely going to avoid her, not today Satan!" And as we walk away she’s like awwwww did they forget about our promise??... :( So ya, take every chance you have to OYM. Even if you’re not missionaries! Oh, and don’t forget to smile at everyone. :) That’s one thing I’m happy I got into the habit of... and, I just like hearing their giggles when the group of girls walk past. :) So let’s all try to give someone a smile once in awhile, it really does give you a boost when someone smiles at you. We also have a nanay attending church every week and every time she comes she makes her own friends and drags them around the classes. It’s great. :D
So next time I write, I’ll be a daddy X2. :) President just informed me there are no Elder Americans this batch... :( I’m pretty sure it’s been about 9000 years since we’ve seen a new American elder. Ya, were getting a sister, but what the heck?! It’s all good. Well that’s seems to cover my week, maybe I’m missing a lot? 
Love you all:) Don’t forget to Magsisi huh! 
**Elder Merrill**
Papaya and our long overdue changed filter... :)

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