Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week 95 - June 29, 2017

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <>
Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2017 9:51 PM
To: Lauri Merrill

Hello :) So I’m thinking this week won’t be as exciting as my last week’s letter. Not a lot has happened this week but we do have some good news I’d like to share. So for a time it seemed like all of our progressing investigators hit like a road block in their baptism and we were like what the heck. But this week as we planned according to each of them, we finally got them back on track so as of now we have 3 looking good, 1 for June 10, another for June 17, then the last for June 24. And they are all really excited now and seem to be doing all that needs to be done. It’s a good feeling to see them come closer to Christ. :) So the other day as we were walking, as usual it was super hot, and while on the way to an appointment I had like some weird heat attack where I about flipped out and almost killed the sun.  But as I thought about it I realized that isn’t possible so I had to control it and get us to the closest house where we knew the people and get me in front of an electric fan because it was like seriously the weirdest thing, I can’t really explain it. But it’s all good now. I seem to have a heat rash on my skin sometimes when I sweat a lot and am exposed to the sun because I get these boil type things I can pop on my arms and forehead? Gross ya. But they go away if I’m inside for a time. No problem:) So with my studies, I’m in 2 Nephi still doing the deeper type of studying, trying to figure out all I can about the settings and stuff like that and it’s going good. I read the other day about the 4 different accounts of the first vision of Joseph Smith and in each separate version there are different truths that I didn’t really know before so it’s a really cool thing to know and weird that I just found out at this point in my mission. 
Also with the commitment, I’m down :) I’ll make the time count and you can do all the time counting you want! But it isn’t going to make it go by any faster ha-ha! It’s also kind of hard for me not to know when we go home when I’m constantly being reminded by other batch mates ha-ha:) All good. Time is flying so I’m just enjoying it as I can.
That’s about it for this week! Love you all and don’t forget to read and pray. :)

**Elder Merrill**

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