Thursday, November 24, 2016

Week 61 - October 3, 2016

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <>
Sent: Sunday, October 2, 2016 9:15 PM
To: Lauri Merrill

Well I guess the song "The time is far spent" really does have some meaning! So we all know the life of a missionary: get to know the area, love the people, learn their dialect of Bicol, and... TRANSFER. So my life as an islander really was "far spent" when I found out I am being transferred after only 6 weeks here. My comp has spent his whole mission here on Masbate which is like 8 months so everyone and their dog expected him to get transferred, he even started packing before we knew who it was. So while we were celebrating his birthday we got the text, read it, and BAM bye-bye Elder Merrill. So ya, that’s the news for me right now. I’m going to Malilipot, Tobaco Zone. The same zone as my first area and funny thing is, Bacacay my first area is about 20 minutes away from Malilipot so I’m in the same district as them and this week all the Tobaco branch goes to the church for General Conference so I will get to see some of them members again:) Buuuut I’m still in the same zone...Ayos lang. So from my mission of about 14 months I have discovered my future job. A farmer, want to know why? Because in just about every area I get sent to, I plant a ton of investigators then when I transfer I get pictures of the next missionaries finishing off my work or "harvesting" so I’m a good planter, not doing so hot on the harvesting part. Example, these past 2 weeks we have found about 10, no lie 10 investigators wanting to be baptized. Nine of them attended church and our Family Day activity, and LOVED it! They all believe everything we teach, they’re reading the Book of Mormon, praying, keeping commitments, it’s crazy!! I’ve never seen so many people fall into my lap that willing and... Transfer. But the good news is my comp is a freaking beast and his new comp coming in is also a really great missionary. So my plants are in their hands now. Almost all of them have their baptism date for October 29th. Hopefully I’ll see some fruits of my labors. A lot of them are texting me saying how bad they are going to miss me and want us to visit one last time. It’s weird how much closer I am with the investigators then with the members, ya they are amazing too but it’s a different feeling leaving my great investigators. But it’s all good:) Like I said, we all know the life of missionaries. Just keep them in your prayers. :) Well next time I email I’ll be back to the main island about 10 minutes away from my BFF the great "MAYON" volcano :) Love you all and remember na magsisi po kayo palagi, baka na dyan si Satanas sa mga buhay nyo :D Joke lang po. Salamat and mahal ko kayo lahat!
**Elder Merrill**

PS Health is good, feet good, no rashes, gut got a little smaller:) yes most of my pants had/have holes from when they were fitted then I got bigger and they started stretching but I’ll see what I can do in my next area. I’m doing a good job with sewing them myself but it just doesn’t look as good. 

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