Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 66 - November 7, 2016

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <>
Sent: Sunday, November 6, 2016 8:20 PM
To: Lauri Merrill

Yo yo:) That’s how I start all my group texts when I want to text our branch and it’s gotten pretty popular linked to me ha-ha. When they text now they always say yo yo, ha-ha! That’s pretty cool I guess? But anyway, as of my week and work wise it still isn’t showing much progression, we’re still trying though! We were able to go to the cemetery this week to "OYM" the people there celebrating "All Saint’s Day". It’s just the tradition that originated from a catholic church. They go to the graves of their family and light candles. They believe on that day the spirits of their loved ones come visit them. It’s actually really cool.  So our purpose there was to introduce them to family history. But in a way it was really awkward to go into a catholic cemetery on a catholic holiday as "Mormons" and try to talk to people. They accepted us but weren’t very receptive. But it was just a good experience:) Then the following Friday we had a zone activity where we all went to Tabaco Centro and set up a thing introducing family history to anyone who wanted to visit. We spent 4 hours trying to get people to visit. Ha! Rejection Town all day baby! Ya, it was hard but we had some success:) But other than that our work was slow. It rained everyday these past 2 weeks and I just happened to wash my clothes/bed sheets/pillow cases/ towels on the day it decided to rain so I had my clothes hanging up in the shade for that whole time and they were wet for so long, then one day it was boiling hot so I finally got the remaining cloths to dry. But that seems to be it with this week! We don’t have any plans for our p-day today, later were gonna go chill on the beach but that’s it:) So ya! Love you all:) Magsisi;)  

**Elder Merrill**

So far this on one of my fav pics:)

Mom, you don't need to post these, they're just of our apartment, like you wanted:)    (Note from Lauri/Mom, if you are like me you will be happy to see the huge improvement from previous places he has lived, yay!)

We combined our bunk beds and he got the top and me the bottom! It's like living like a king ha-ha!

We had a crazy sunset where the sky was pink! Nobody else thought to much of it but I thought it was sick.

The weekly Sunday work:)

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