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Week 2 - August 22, 2015

From: Jordan Mark Merrill []
Sent: Saturday, August 22, 2015 11:03 AM
To: Lauri Merrill <>

Hey Hey:) So um not much new has happened here in the MTC. It’s all kind of blurring together. Weeks seem like days and days seem like weeks. It’s really weird. I’m picking up on the language really well I think/hope. We teach our teachers as roles of "Investigators" and the teacher that teaches all the other teachers is our teacher/investigator. We taught her for about 40 minutes until she had to kick us out which was awesome. But the best past about it was when I was finishing it off with my testimony (in Tagalog) she started getting emotional which of course starting making me emotional. I really felt the spirit even though it was tough to understand when it’s in a different language. That was a neat experience. We went to the temple today for our weekly temple sesh and we got to eat at the Provo temple cafeteria and it was soooo good compared to the food here. Not much new to say except those couple stories. I’m getting way sick, my throat feels like sandpaper and my nose is like a waterfall then my ears start aching so that isn’t fun but I’ll get over it. If I get this sick here how am I going to survive the Philippines?! Oh well:) My sinus surgery worked and I got better after like the first week. So I’m glad I didn’t have bad breath the whole time;) Send more mints also. I’m pretty famous as the mint guy!  I’ll attach more images in another letter cause I’m not sure how to?? My birthday was actually not bad at all. The package was awesome!! So much junk food and everyone is constantly getting packages and sharing food it’s like an overload but I love it:) Tuesdays are the worst days for class but it was good when I opened the box:) I don’t feel 19!! Ha keep up the Dear Elders I really like them.  Anyway, I’m doing really good here, I think, and know I’m maturing both spiritually and mentally. For some reason I’m really quiet but I don’t think it really matters. I’ll come home a new man that’s for sure. Below is my MTC address for anyone that wants it for any reason:) Love you and send love to the rest of the fam and Hink too:)

PHI-LEG SEP17 unit 107 2005 N 900 E Provo Utah 84602

**Elder Merrill**
 ​That big word in the middle means "Almighty"
This band is the Nashville Tribute Band, we got to sing with them in choir.
Snail races (the sides of the "track" are soy sauce packets and salt).

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