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Week 19 - December 14, 2015

Keep Jordan and the people in the Philippines in your prayers.…/20…/12/14/philippines-typhoon-sater.cnn

From: Jordan Mark Merrill <>
Date: December 13, 2015 at 6:35:31
Subject: Typhoon NONA.

So hello po lahat:) So this week has been a normal missionary week, doors slammed in our face, people bashing us, lahat. BUT 2 days ago it started raining (as usual) but this time it didn't stop. Later that night we got a txt from our AP's, they said we are going to have a typhoon and it will will make landfall the next couple days, please prepare your 72 hour kit and buy all the food you can. So we did just that. It was only raining a little so we weren't scared. Yesterday it was still raining but not bad, we got a txt from the AP's again saying we have a curfew at 11AM. Please stay inside and be safe, the typhoon will hit soon so now I'm getting a little more scared but not bad. THEN another txt later that night said Emergency Evacuation in "Bacacay" (our town area) and some other districts. They said go to Tabaco (bigger city about an hour from Bacacay) right now, bring only what's neccesary. So me and my comp packed an extra pair of clothes and hurried to the Zone Leaders apartment. 10 other elders were evacuated also and we're all staying in this small apartment. About 30 minutes ago we got another txt from the AP's saying the storm is getting worse and we're about to be hit by the worst of it, be home at 11am and stay on high ground. The storm surge (flood) will make landfall on our coast tonight and will last maybe a week. So our zone leaders told us to go buy extra food and water enough for a week, they said we could email then come right back. Awhile ago we got a txt from a member in our town, he said they had a "scary morning", so whatever that means?? All my stuff is still back in Bacacay. All my money, clothes, everything. Sooo sucks for me. If you look on the news I'm pretty sure you can find the news on the typhoon "NONA" I'm in the signal 3 area, the worst part, called Sorsogon, Albay. Hopefully it isn't too bad! haha maybe though.. So after I'm done typing I get to go sit in a small apartment with 9 other stinky boys for a week and wait for the storm to pass:) Awesome Christmas gift to us right!? Mother nature sure is generous! sike. Love ya all!! The church is true;)
**Elder Merrill**

Typhoon Melor Nano Wikipedia Page

Typhoon Melor near Samar on December 14
Formed December 9, 2015
Dissipated December 17, 2015
Highest winds 10-minute sustained:175 km/h (110 mph)
1-minute sustained:230 km/h (145 mph)
Lowest pressure 935 hPa (mbar); 27.61 inHg
Fatalities 40 confirmed
Damage $64.3 million (2015 USD)
Areas affected Caroline IslandsPhilippines
Part of the 2015 Pacific typhoon season
Typhoon Melor, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Nona, was a powerful tropical cyclone that struck the Philippines in December 2015. The twenty-seventh named storm and the eighteenth typhoon of the annual typhoon season, Melor killed 40 people and caused US$64.3 million in damage.


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