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Week 12 - October 26, 2015

From: Jordan Mark Merrill []
Sent: Monday, October 26, 2015 2:51 AM
To: Lauri Merrill <>

Hey hey!! So I was sending a ton of pictures and in the process of them sending my computer crashed so I switched to the other, only working one and it doesn’t have a USB port:)... So next week I’ll send more pictures. So I’ll answer your Q’s now. 1. Basic recipes would mean the WORLD to me. 2. Ya I have access to lots of meats. 3. Ghetto sheets but yes, I have sheets. I sleep on like an army cot bunk, super ghetto and I sleep terribly every night. Not much I can do about it though. 4. Ya I cleaned some stuff up but not really well. Its soooo gross I don’t want to touch anything haha. 5. Um, I have the mailing address for me but I don’t know it right now, next week. All letters and stuff that get sent to me goes through the mission home, then when they think they’ll see me, they’ll bring all the stuff. So a letter could arrive here on a certain day but it could take another 2 months for the supplies elders to get it to me, it all depends, super weird. 6. So about the missionary work … My area, Bacacay, is one of the toughest areas. Ya we have investigators but we rarely get anywhere with them. It’s so tough to keep them progressing. Our church/ward has only 15 active members and their all old ladies haha they don’t work with us. Our bishop is super, super busy and wishes he could work with us but he usually can’t. So were kind of on our own. Bacacy is the densest area in the mission with catholic priests. We always run into people that want to bash with us every day. We have one guy that tries to convert us every time we see him. He writes us personal letters like "TO: Elder Jordan Merrill" Then he'll title it "why the restoration is false" then write pages and pages of "evidence" that our church is false. Sometimes it scares me cause some stuff he has a point, but of course I still believe in our church. When we tract we get rejected by 90% of people we talk to. They either tell us to go away or if they listen, then won’t care. My trainer has been in this area for 10 months and hasn’t had a baptism. We have a RM in our ward that really tries to help so that’s good. But ya its super tough. Starting in the fire then moving to the frying pan haha. So tell Madison to respond to my email about the scriptures verses!! I need cool ones to share. Weird/cool/different/inspiring anything. For Halloween, we all are going to the cemetery and eating all day, that’s how they do it. No trick or treating, they go to the cemetery and just stay there for a day of eating, which should be fun. For me being an American missionary, I get a lot of ridicule from people. They always say English things that are bad then laugh their heads off, it’s funny but annoying. The teenage girls looove me and always flirt but are so shy. So a recap; recipes, Madison’s verses, I’ll see why my $ isn’t showing up. Next week I’ll get you my address but I think the mission address is ok but I’ll check. Well I got to go. If you have any Q’s at all about anything from anybody tell me. I love you so much:) I’m not homesick anymore just to let you know and I’m eating like a king haha. It is awesome here I love it, I love the gospel, I love the people, and I love the plan of salvation. I’ll keep you in my prayers always and all the family too. Mahal Kita!!!xoxoxxo :)
**Elder Merrill**

PS Note from Jordan’s Mom: I do not include anything private from Jordan on the email I post. There was a section of his letter regarding Shawntae Lund and the death of her father that I omitted. Shawntae is a good friend, and her and her family are in our prayers.

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