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Week 15 - November 16, 2015

From: Jordan Mark Merrill []
Sent: Sunday, November 15, 2015 11:31 PM

Kamusta po?! Magandang hapon po! Sige, so I’ve started to realize that my letters have been pretty boring lately so this week I’ll try to make it a little more interesting. Well I’m almost 4 months in my mission and it’s never flown by faster. I love it here, of course it’s hard but who cares. It’s all about the Filipinos di ba?
So if you’re not sure how the first little bit
of the mission goes I’ll tell ya. You have a trainer for the first 12 weeks. Then after that trainer you get a regular comp for only 6 weeks. Well half way through my 12 week training, my trainer got transferred and I had to lead the area. The roads and houses are sooo different than America. Some aren’t even houses, there wood huts. Then after only 1 week I got another new comp. This is what happened, we got a call from our mission pres. he said to my comp; you need to come to the mission office now. So we went, he had an interview and we went home thinking all was well. The next day the APs called and said (to my comp); go home and pack your things were coming to get you. So he packed and the APs came. They picked him up and dropped off a new comp for me. So at this time I’m on my third comp in only 7 weeks. I’m still only supposed to be on my first! So ngayon, I have had 3 dads (what they call your trainer).
Also another story that I have. We were trying to tract near Brgy 2 and 3 which is on the beach line. As we were walking we saw this homeless lady (she sometimes walk around half naked) she was doing something and the people across the street yelled at her. She said something and picked up a rock a little bigger than a golf ball and threw it at them, then kept walking like nothing happened. A couple steps later she picks up another and throws it again. My comp and I are about 20 feet from her and the people/shop she was throwing it at was just across the street. We were like "what the heck did we just see" then she walks a little more and we slowly follow. Then she just randomly walks up to a little house store thing, reaches in, grabs all she can and walks off. She seemed pretty pissed. So at this point we were like "uhhhhhh" … after we were done contemplating what is life, we walked again. We turned the corner and there she was in a little crouched position in the gutter against the wall eating the food. Me and her made eye contact and we just stared at each other. Then she burst out laughing. So I basically ran away thinking she was going to put a satanic spell on me. After that it was normal:) no satanic spell. I hope? So other than that I got nothing. So far I have 0 baptisms and 1 investigator kinda close. He wants to be baptized Dec 26.. I can’t wait that long.. Um. Ya. I know this church us true. Cya a 2 (20 months):)

**Elder Merrill**

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